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My favourites!
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Current Issue

The notice of access number change for Free Less
The notice of access number chage for Domestic Call
NEW! Here is the new payment system!!
You can recharge at convenience store without payment coupons or Smartpit Card.
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To payment coupon user:
Thank You For using VIVAPLUS International Calling Service.
The payment coupon with 4 divided barcode has already been expired on 03/31/2007.
We have sent the new payment coupons with one-line barcode to customer by the end of April.
If you haven't receive it, and need the new payment coupons in urgent, order via members site or contact customer service via phone, E-mail.
You can also use smartpit system of VIVAPLUS card. Please setup the amount of smartpit deposit before going to cvs via members site. Please understand.
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About VIVAPLUS Calling Service

you save up 95% on International Call.

you save up 95% on International Call.

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Calling Rate Chart
Rate for 1min.
calling from Japan to Overseas
Destination country
(Calling from Home phone)
(Same rate 24hrs.)
USA (Fixed)¥8.0
Russia-Moscow (Fixed)¥10.0
Romania-Bucharest (Fixed)¥16.7
Philippine (Fixed)¥24.0
Philippine (Mobile)¥28.0
China (Fixed)¥9.0
Thailand-Bangkok (Fixed)¥14.0
Malaysia-Kuala Lumpur (Fixed)¥13.0
The rates above are for 1min. VIVAPLUS charge you every 6 seconds.Calling to U.S.A., 0.8 yen will be charged when you talk less than 6 seconds.